Senior Cat Food Myths And Facts


The dog food you feed your dog should change as your dog ages. Some pet owners realise this and plan to purchase a fortified food for their dog as they age. The common belief is that a dog's body ages seven times quicker than a human, meaning that a dog is technically 70 years old when they are 10. Since the average age of most breeds is between 10 and 15 years, it is important to start planning your dog's meals better once they hit the ripe old age of seven or eight.

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In order to switch over to senior dog food you'll need to gradually wean your dog off their current food. A dog's system gets used to one particular type of dog food. When you switch over to a new food they may experience side effects. It can take between 7 to 10 days for your dog's system to adapt to a new type of food. Some people recommend feeding your dog the new food gradually, rather than switch over all at once. Others recommend switching over all at once so the system can start adjusting. You should have a word with your vet about making dietary changes to ensure you do not make your pet ill. Your vet will also be in a position to recommend the best dog food according to your dog's age and breed.

The main component in the majority of the food manufactured for senior dogs is the number of added vitamins. Foods are designed to help with a range of health problems, and to avoid obesity in dogs that are slowly starting to become less active and have a decrease in natural metabolism. Senior food also has reduced amounts of protein, phosphorous, and a lack of preservatives. The food is intended to help the kidneys, heart function, and liver well as it ages. With the right type of kibble, you not only prevent your aging pet from gaining weight, but you decrease the stress placed on their organs that comes with having to digest high-fat, preservative-filled food.

At the opposite end of over-fed senior dogs are seniors who display little or no interest in their food at all. It is unhealthy for a dog to be underfed and so it is essential that you take measures in order to get your disinterested pooch interested in his food again! Try adding some wet food or something to make your dog's food more flavorful and better smelling. You can also add water to dog kibble to make it easier for an older dog to chew.

Opinion differs on this. However, it's built on the breed of your dog. Smaller breeds are known for living longer than larger breeds, so larger breeds will need to engage a senior kibble earlier than a smaller breed. You want to begin the food before your dog shows signs of aging. Typical signs of aging include a decline in the movement, longer sleeping patterns, gray hair around the face, and a more relaxed demeanor than when they were younger. Once you start noticing these signs, it's time to start thinking about switching your dog over to a more appropriate dog food.

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