Revealing Information About Big Breeds Of Dogs


Big dog breeds can bring a great deal of joy and fun to households, especially if the home has kids. Despite the massive size of these dogs, a lot of them are gentle giants that known for their good temperament, loyalty, and patience. If you want to get your family a big dog, below are a few dog breeds that you can consider. These dogs are the top large dog breeds measured by their height, length and weight.

The English Mastiff is considered by the American Kennel Club as the biggest dog breed. These dogs are likewise called the Old English Mastiff. They are a heavy breed, weighing around 110 lbs to 350 lbs. these dogs can reach from 25 to 36 inches from shoulder to the ground.

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These extremely protective and fearless dogs are good choices for guard dogs. They can grow to about 26 to 30 inches in height and weigh up to 200 lbs.

One of the tallest dog breeds, these dogs were historically bred for hunting boars and bears. They are fast, big and intelligent but they're friendly and docile in nature. They have a muscular and robust build and can even reach the height of a pony. They can reach to 7 feet in height when on their back legs but they weigh 100 to 150 lbs.

If you're one of the people who wonder which is better between pure bred dogs and mixed breeds, then you require to weigh the factors fairly. Though mixed breeds, their capabilities cannot be discounted as compared to pure bred dogs. There are advantages evident among mixed breeds actually. It is an unproved theory yet but many individuals have noted that more positive traits of pure bred dogs are transferred to mixed breeds than to the former. One specific example is the loyalty trait of a German shepherd which is easily adapted by its mixed breed offspring. However, a common health problem among German shepherds such as hip dysplasia is easily transferred to its pure-bred offspring and less likely to its mixed bred offspring.

An iconic big dog, everyone can spot a Great Dane from a mile away. Thanks to the cartoon Scooby Doo, these dogs have gained the spotlight as among the most well known big dogs in the world. They can reach 3 feet tall from shoulder to ground and can eat up to 120 lbs of food in a month. A big down side with this dog is that they're prone to Dm in dogs, a type of debilitating nerve disease.

A brave breed, these dogs were bred and used as rescue dogs in the Alps. A St. Bernard can reach 140 and 250 lbs and 27 to 35½ inches tall. These dogs were named after a pass that connects the Italian to the Swiss alpines where a monastery was built.

As I had already mentioned, breed plays a role in determining the nature of exercise needed. Say, hunting dogs, herding dogs and sled dogs need more exercise.

These dogs are recognized for their strength. A little known fact about this dog is that they're actually very good with children. Newfoundlands can even be considered as the 'nanny dog.'. They do a marvelous job of watching over kids so you know they're safe around the dog.

A big down side when it is a question of big dog breeds is that they're very prone to bone and joint illnesses. They can also suffer nerve diseases like DM in dogs, but with proper care and a good diet, they can live a long and healthy life.

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