Non Shedding Cat Breeds Debunked


If you're looking for 'dog breeds that do not shed ', we have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that there are dogs breeds that shed very little, usually known as hypoallergenic dogs. They are going to leave very little hair around your house, and normally not set off your allergies, at least not too badly. The bad news is, the dogs that do not shed outwardly, shed inward.Dogs that do not shed outwardly,  shed into their undercoat. More on that later.

One of the hot trends recently for some dog breeders to market their dogs is to advertise them as non shedding. We have seen countless ads for Goldendoodles (a designer dog 'breed'), and other breeds, that are selling them as hypoallergenic. The problem with the hypoallergenic label, is that ALL dogs leave varying degrees of dander around your house, and dander is the cause of dog allergies, not the hair. Now, many of these designer breeds don't leave a lot of dander, however, there is still enough that your allergies could be affected.

The Maltese is a high maintenance toy breed. They do not always do well when placed with children. They can be trained easily and try hard to please their owner. Don't let their small size (3-10 pounds) fool you as they're very vocal around other dogs and even chase down dogs much bigger in size. They will alert you to even the slightest sounds making them good watchdogs.

So, on this lens, you'll find a listing of the dogs that shed VERY LITTLE. But actual non shedding dog does not exist.

So, while professional breeders have been busy creating new breeds for various other reasons, dog owners and amateur breeders have been looking for that darn dog that does not shed all over the house. They have not had to look very far. Poodles do not shed. Many of the Terrier breeds do not shed, including the very popular Westies. Goldendoodles do not shed either.

As grooming shop owners, we're asked to counsel our customers on the best dog breeds, which breed is best as a house dog, which breed is the smartest, and on and on. Most of all, we're asked which dog breeds don't shed. Our standard answer is this,' If you're getting a dog, be prepared to vacuum a lot, or brush it a lot. 'You See, there is not a dog breed that does not shed. All dog breeds shed hair. Every last one of them. They either shed it off, onto your carpet and furniture, or they shed it into their UNDERCOAT, and they shed small amounts outward. All dogs do one or the other.

You may have noted that our lists include some designer dogs. Or hybrid dogs such as the Cavachon or Miniature Goldendoodle. So, exactly what are designer dogs or hybrid dogs?.

Perhaps you already own a dog that sheds all over the place. You're just checking out this site to see what 'non shedding dog' you'd have chosen. Don't despair! There is a product out there that can greatly reduce the number of hair you find around the house. It's called the FURminator, and consists of conditioner, shampoo, and a deshedding tool. Many grooming shops will give your dog a partial, or the whole FURminator treatment...for a nice little premium.

You might think that brushing is not as important with a dog that 'doesn't shed ', but it was just as, if not more, important. You might recall that I mentioned above about the 'undercoat' and how all dogs either shed out or in. On a dog that sheds 'inward' it is very important that you have the hair that has been shed out. If you do not brush your dog regularly, matting could occur, and this can be uncomfortable, or even painful, for your dog. Watch the video below for some grooming tips and ways to brush your dog.

In the video above, she mentions that you will require a 'slicker brush ', and that's what we use at our grooming shops.

Now you're probably asking yourself, 'what will I have to do if I get one these 'non shedding' dogs? ' That's a good question. And the answer is, you'll have to brush it. Ideally, you'll brush it every, or every other, day.

Here's what happens if you do not brush it a lot. The hair that the dog sheds goes in the undercoat. The undercoat builds up. Very soon, your dog is a matted mess. Matted hair can be painful for a dog, as it sticks to the dog's skin and can pull the skin when the dog moves.

So, fellow dog owners and seekers of non shedding dogs, remember this: When you get that new puppy, you're either going to be purchasing a new vacuum, or a new brush.

Are you looking or a listing of the dogs that shed A LOT? Of course not. If you're allergic to dog hair all over your house, or you're allergic to a vacuum cleaner, you may wish to steer clear of these dogs.

What does learning to brush your dog's teeth got to do with non shedding dogs? Not a gosh darn thing, but, this is another element of your dog's grooming that we get asked about a we just love the Cavalier in this video! Brushing your dog's teeth can have a, so take a look at this 5 minute video and learn how to perform it yourself.

If you're considering a new pet for your home, then consider this...there are literally MILLIONS of homeless dogs and cats that need a good home, and will give you years of love in return. . If you're looking for a particular breed, or a designer dog, they're available too. Yes, adopting a pet can become a serious pain in the patootie, and the process you've got to go through might make you think you're applying for a position at the CIA, but the good folks at your local dog rescue are just trying to assure that once adopted, the dog will stay adopted and in a loving home. No, you cannot just walk in and pay your money like the pet store at the mall, but then again, you will not be supporting your local puppy mill.

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