Decisions About Dog Behaviour Problems

Pet behaviour problems can be challenging at the best of circumstances and in many instances, regrettably, can lead to the pet being removed from the house. This is a sad and, in most cases, unnecessary step as many pet behavioural problems can be resolved.

The biggest obstacle to resolving these problems is often a lack of understanding of the reason for the unwanted behaviour. If we can understand what sparks off the unwanted behaviour then we're half way to a solution.

Moving The Discussion Forward

As humans our biggest problem when it is a question of dealing with pet behaviour problems is the fact that we often impose a human solution on an animal problem. Your dog might start chewing your slippers, for example. You whack the dog on the nose with a newspaper to discourage the behaviour. That might work but you stand an equal chance of the dog viewing your action as paying attention to it and so every time it wants your attention, it grabs your slippers. If you keep whacking it you're in fact reinforcing the behaviour - which is quite the opposite to what you're wanting to achieve.

Training a pet is also an essential part of preventing or correcting pet behaviour problems. For many pet owners unacceptable pet behaviour problems such as aggression, excessive or inappropriate barking, biting and so on are problems that can easily sour the human-pet bond. However, many of these issues can be sorted out if the holder is willing to make an attempt to understand WHY the pet is behaving in such a way and then does something constructive about it.

The first thing you gotta do is to define the problem that you have with your dog. This can be a few things, or only one thing which you're trying to rid your dog of. Many pet owners put up with aggressive dogs, biting dogs, barking, messing the house and much more. If your dog suffers from more than one of the following problems then it's important that you try to tackle each problem one at a time' cause if you do not then you might end up over loading your dog and making him quite confused which can make the situation worse. A good thing to invest in is a dog behaviour training guide. You can download eBooks direct from websites dedicated to helping you train your dog and these are a good source of information for all dog owners. They include step by step instructions on how to deal with various behavioural problems as well as illustrations and helpful advice.

If the training is carried out in a humane way, it enriches the human-pet relationship in several ways and minimises potential conflict by reducing undesirable behaviours in the pet. This is the win/win result that everyone should be striving for.

So the next time your pet behaves in an antisocial way, pause and consider why it's acting in that way and try to establish a 'pet logical' way of dealing with it.

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