Cat Breed Search - What's Required


One breed that has held top place with dog owners during the years, according to the Kennel Club of Great Britain is the Labrador retriever. However they were first and foremost bred to hunt, retrieving pheasants for the lord of the manor, and males are much heavier than the females.

Siamese cats depend on human beings for their survival since they don't possess several traits typically seen in cats. The color of their hair may be useful to look at but not good as camouflage. They cannot roam around during the night because they cannot see clearly in low lighted areas. And their hearing sense is less sensitive than those of other breeds of cats.

The three colours that relate to this breed of dog are chocolate, golden and black. Having short hair, they've got a tail the same shape as an otter's. Today they're a great help in society; they're used as drug detection dogs, and are invaluable as a search and rescue dog.

Labradors make great pets; they're good with children and fit in to any home, plus they're an ideal breed to train as a guide dog for the blind. Dog nutrition for all breeds of dog has to be apportioned to their size and weight; a puppy will need smaller portions of food three or four times a day, with an adjustment to their portions as well as the number of meals as they grow into strong healthy adult dogs.

A pet diet should consist of balanced quality meat (protein), low fat, salt, and good carbohydrates with the exact amount of vitamins and minerals apply to all breeds. A larger breed requires their dog nutrition in larger amounts per meal, while a smaller dog's portions sizes need to become a lesser amount. Details are on the manufacturers packaging, other information can be found on your local vet.

It is important to exert a dog every day, large dogs need more time out walking in a park than a small lapdog, but all breeds require fun time running and jumping for a ball to run off their high degree of energy. At Hills Pets we have a number of dog food to suit all breeds with relevant guidelines on portion control printed on our packaging.

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