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If you're looking for a Furreal Friends Pony then look no further. On this page we review Furreal ponies, we take a look at pony prices, review the toys and see where you can purchase them online. We have a close look at the Smores Pony and also Butterscotch Pony the two highly rated Furreal Friends toys from Hasbro. This page will be your one stop guide to the Furreal Pony.

Furreal Friends are a line of toys produced by Hasbro. These toys are interactive animals that play along with your child. The movement and sounds these toys create is aimed to be as life like as possible. The two most impressive toys in this line are the ponies known as Smores Pony and Butterscotch Pony. These really are wonderful toys and below we're going to review each one and to adopt a look at online prices for the Furreal Friends Pony.

As you can see, you can purchase Furreal Friends Smores Pony over on Amazon. The cost price isn't cheap, but for everything you get you really cannot complain. This really is a most special toy and will win the centre of any child who likes horses and ponies. Amazon is a good place to buy because they have plenty in stock and you're unlikely to seek a cheaper deal anywhere else online.

This is a wonderful toy that Hasbro have produced. The pony is so lifelike in it's movements and so realistic. For such a large toy it is still cuddly and loveable. This is one that is going to appear on a lot of little girls Christmas lists.

The second Furreal pony we're having a look at is Butterscotch Pony. Butterscotch is very similar to Smores but just has a different look. Again the pony stands at over three feet tall, is very lifelike and has some lovely capabilities. As with the previous toy we looked at, Butterscotch interacts with your child, so she'll neigh and whinny when your child stokes her. The toy also swishes her tail and shakes her head and ears. Sit on Butterscotch and pretend to take her for a ride as she clip clops round the room.

Butterscotch isn't suitable for children under four years of age. Batteries aren't included and the toy takes 6 D batteries. This Furreal Pony comes with carrot, halter, brush, and her own certificate of adoption. Again, it is recommended that an adult do the basic assembly work to get Butterscotch up and running.

As with Smores Pony, Butterscotch Pony really is an impressive toy and one that children love. To have an interactive toy of this size and quality really is impressive and although a bit more expensive than other Furreal Friends toys, this remained one that will delight many children the world over.

As well as the pony there are several other popular toys that Hasbro have brought out in the Furreal Friends line. The latest of these is Cookie My Playful Pup, this toy is extremely cute and very loveable and is expected to become one of the biggest selling toys in the coming few years. If you do not want to give such high prices then Furry Frenzies may well be for you, these are smaller toys yet they're still interactive and still cuddly and loveable.

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